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"Producer or Parasite?" examines the fallout from socialism, social engineering and the culture of entitlement in America.

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Get the first 40 pages of this all-new book: 400 pages of political commentary that’s going to have the mainstream media up in arms. Producer or Parasite? delivers an unflinching look at politics, prosperity and the American experience from a unique perspective. Politics is more than local. It’s personal. How you view your world informs your political beliefs. This fast-reading, cheerfully written polemic boils down all things political into two starkly different life perspectives - producers and parasites. Producers work to fill the public trough from which parasites take their fill. And they’re not necessarily the stereotypes that first come to mind. Politicians, bureaucrats, academics and private foundations have all contributed to a pervasive culture of entitlement, aided and abetted by the media and liberal elite. The resulting fallout has compromised our global standing, crippled our economy and degraded society.

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Is it too far gone to save?

March 30, 2010

Barack Obama, Nazi Pelosi and Harry Reid have realized that timidity bears no fruit. Ramming their ’socialist’ healthcare agenda through Congress was a confidence-builder. Emboldened, they will now forge ahead with illegal alien amnesty, opening our southern border, cap-and-trade, investment regulation and dozens of other job-killing, economy-busting schemes to destroy our nation and its economy before the November 2010 elections. These people hate America with an intensity that will take your breath away. They don’t want to ‘change’ it for the better. No, they want to completely destroy our country and from the wreckage create some kind of political system that ensures their unquestioned and unrivaled hold on power. Democrats want to make themselves voter-proof.

Unfortunately, more than half the country is squarely behind them, thinking they’ll somehow benefit from this state of affairs. From General Electric to welfare recipients, those who depend on the federal and state governments for their livelihood think the party’s only beginning. They’re wrong. The government will protect its own and a few favored groups and individuals. The rest will starve. The dopes who voted for Obama and the Democrats will find that they were just cannon fodder, used to achieve an end that didn’t include them. Even the politicians who threw in their fortunes with Obama, Pelosi and Reid don’t fully realize that they, too can be be purged. Ask Congressman Massa.

The momentum of legislation and executive orders will build, as more and more extreme bills and measures are introduced and rammed through the system. Obama still leads any potential 2012 Republican challenger by a wide margin. He is the champion of parasites and enjoys their unwavering support. By promising them them a socialist nirvana, he has sufficient political capital and Congressional support to pass just about anything that his handlers can dream up. George Soros is exerting his influence, as well. What this creature and the one occupying the White House have in mind is anyone’s guess. But, it won’t be pleasant.

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